Giving Up Parental Narcissism for Parental Maturity Parents often seek their validation from the wrong source-their children. The pure unconditional love of an infant is so intoxicating that many parents want to experience that transcendental glow for as long as possible. Who wouldn’t want to be adored without any discernment or judgement? The tricky part is that in order to be a truly loving and effective parent one needs to learn to give up the idealization from their child in favor of setting boundaries, expectations, and healthy limits. The love that can develop when a parent does not try to be mirrored by their child or best fr

Becoming An Expert Appreciator

Now Live on the Huffington Post: Becoming An Expert Appreciator Social media feeds are full of video of amazing people doing amazing things that they seem born to do. A 12-year-old schoolgirl knocks an operatic aria out of the park on “America’s Got Talent.” Young mountain bikers, star athletes, and parkour whizzes wow with us with their dexterity, and Instagram fitness stars show off sculpted shapes that are, in large part, enabled by genetic gifts. Any day of the week, there’s online celebration of natural abilities, inherent gifts, and native intelligence. This seems like a sensible way to apprecia

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