A Better Way to Break-Up: 20 Ways to Leave Your Lover

A Better Way to Break-Up: 20 Ways to Leave Your Lover The dissolution of any romantic relationship is invariably painful: At its worst, it is devastating and harmful and leaves a lot of emotional collateral damage in its wake; at its best, it’s done with tenderness and care, and both parties put aside a desire to just be done with it in favor of taking the time to separate with patience and love. The latter is difficult to achieve, but ultimately a more expedient path to peace. Below, Dr. Jennifer Freed, a therapist, astrologer, and the founder of Santa Barbara’s AHA!, together with her colleague, Molly Green, explains what needs to be reckoned with. 20 Ways to Leave Your Lover by Dr. Jennif

Talking With Your Child About Tragic Events

It is hard enough to find equilibrium amidst constant news about traumatic events; but it is another thing altogether to be prepared to support our children and protect them against emotional overload. https://www.familoop.com/parenting-blog/talking-with-your-child-about-tragic-events If we do talk to our children about events like the terrorist attack in Nice, or the shooting of black men and police officers, what is the best way? How should we help them navigate the rocky emotions and fears that are likely to come up in response? Whether you start the conversation or have it thrust upon you, these guiding notions should prove helpful. Keep children away from the videos that tend to emerge

[Out Now] A Psychologist Astrologer on Using Your Sun Sign to Navigate Conflict

A Psychologist Astrologer on Using Your Sun Sign to Navigate Conflict For more than 25 years, Dr. Jennifer Freed has been practicing psychological astrology out of her sun-bathed office in Santa Barbara, California, which essentially boils down to comprehensive birth chart readings that go well beyond character-defining traits to address the way you interact with the world—and how you might be able to ease some of your relationships for a clearer and lighter path forward. It is fascinating, if not transformational, to hear someone tell you who you are, why you might be the way you are, and then offer scenarios for navigating life with less effort—and to feel in your heart that it’s resonant


By Dr. Jennifer Freed PhD MFT One of the most significant changes you will notice in your child will be them not openly discussing their days with you and who they are spending their time with. The best prevention of bullying behavior from either end of the spectrum, aggression or victimization, is the family meal each and every school day in which the parent(s) and children name their thorns (what was hard that day) and roses (what was lovely that day). Children need consistent communication to and from their parents about life’s inevitable ups and downs so that when truly upsetting things happen, there is already a corridor of communication open for discussing emotional subjects. Authentic

34: Dr. Jennifer Freed: On Bullying and Grieving Orlando

34: Dr. Jennifer Freed: On Bullying and Grieving Orlando Today I am talking with Dr. Jennifer Freed, a child psychologist and the co-founder of AHA! (Attitude.Harmony.Achievement.), a youth-focused non-profit that works to end bullying, improve self-esteem, and empower teens through emotional learning and creative expression. AHA! was founded in response to the Columbine tragedy and here I am recording this interview 2 days after the Orlando massacre. I think you’ll agree the work of Jennifer and her organization has never been more imperative. When I scheduled this interview it was intended to be about bullying – which Jennifer and I discuss in depth. But, we also talk through some things

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