Is the Sky Falling?: Published in Goop!

For many, the world seems to keep tipping upside-down: The vote for Brexit and for President-Elect Donald Trump seemed not only improbable, but unimaginable to half the populations of two countries. When cherished beliefs crash, we can rightfully ask: What is the meaning of this, if any, on a cosmic level? To understand what may seem incomprehensible (or not, depending on your perspective), let’s look at the major planetary alignment we’ve been in since 2011 (it moves out of exerting influence in late spring 2017). The present transitory time is called the Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries cycle. Astrological cycles are calculated mathematically by the geometric angles made between p

Thanks and Giving: Published in "The Huffington Post"

Cultivating Gratitude A life spent in contemplation of gratitude is a life of incessant heart opening. Most of us in the developed world know we have lots to be grateful for in a material sense. We know we should be grateful for our loved ones and for precious moments that connect us to people, ideas, and pursuits that matter to us. Yet most of us forget sometimes; some of us forget more than others. This glamorization of the golden few in media, and what huge gifts they are able to give, may obscure the kindnesses of strangers or friends who do the simple things in life for others out of generosity of spirit—not because they want anything, but because they wish to give generously and to be

Confidence Training: Everything You Need To Be Super Self-Assured: Published in "Mind Body Gree

Every day, people come to me asking how they can become more confident. Many of them appear successful and happy on the surface but are actually suffering from debilitating self-doubt and insecurities. These people often pass up important positive risks because they are waiting to feel more secure. The irony is that waiting for confidence is like watching Olympic ice-skating on TV 10 hours a day and hoping it teaches you how to skate. When it comes to confidence, taking even the tiniest steps consistently is the key. So what is the secret to a secure sense of self—a self not diminished in the face of challenge or criticism? How can we achieve an inner resilience that allows us to move forwar

5 Expert Tips for Dating Someone With a Kid

Dating these days often means keeping your mind and your options open. Whether you’re exploring the crazy world of dating apps or you’re looking for love in your workplace, you never know when a new boo could come into your life. But if your S.O. has a child by a previous relationship, you want to do right by everyone involved. Dr. Jennifer Freed, a marriage and family therapist, has some great tips for dating someone who already has a child — and she’s living proof, with 20 years of experience as a stepmother! Don’t overstep your bounds. While dating or marrying their parent automatically gives you an important role in the child’s life, it’s up to you to define what that role means, but als

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