HOW TO MASTER YOUR EMOTIONS: Published in Conscious Living TV

The Art of Feeling by Dr. Jennifer Freed (This is an excerpt from her new book, PeaceQ, available exclusively on In order to have peace inside and peace with others we need to know how to identify and manage our feelings. The one thing about feelings is that everyone has them and they come and go all day long. Peaceful people are committed to expressing their feelings responsibly, and are often a shelter or comfort to those people around them who are in upset or unable to navigate extreme emotions. The great news is that all of us can learn how to have our feelings and use them wisely instead of our feelings “having us”. “The best way out is always through”. ROBERT FROST We ar

How Spring Can Invite Psychological Transformation: Published in Goop Life sometimes asks us to bear the unbearable. Psychological astrologer and frequent goop contributor Jennifer Freed, Ph.D., says it’s the destiny of every single person to experience psychological rebirth in their lifetime—in other words, to walk through hell and back. Here, her perspective on how ancient mythological wisdom can guide us through the worst life has to offer, and inspire all of us to emerge into the (spring) light. How Spring Makes Us Whole You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming. — Pablo Neruda No matter how much darkness we face in our lives, spring arrives in its time. Spring rep

The Good Fight – How to Get Closer Through Conflict: Published in Pick The Brain

Based on the acclaimed book, Peace Q: Increasing the Capacity for Peace Within and Beyond Fighting in a relationship is not a big problem. How you fight with a mate or a friend is the real issue. John Gottman’s research shows arguments and perpetual issues are healthy in committed relationships as long as couples know how to resolve difficulties as they arise. If you are authentic and honest, you will disagree with your partner, get hurt and be angry at times. Working through hurt and anger are the pathway for true intimacy. Couples that report high satisfaction in their relationships know how to work with the inevitable ruptures or disagreements that come up from time to time. These couples

The Upside of a Crush—Even If You’re in a Committed Relationship: Published in Goop

Crushing on someone (at any age) can feel equal parts awkward and exciting, particularly when you’re in deep, can’t stop thinking about them for the life of you, and/or the subject of your desire feels like forbidden territory—i.e. he/she is a coworker or you’re already in a committed relationship and “shouldn’t” have a crush in the first place. But psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed, Ph.D. argues there’s no harm in harboring a crush; it doesn’t mean you’re reverting to your teenage self or that your current relationship (if you’re in one) is doomed. Freed says that crushes have a lot to tell us about ourselves—she sees them as rooted in our own unmet needs—and that they can actually se

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