Women’s Fund Awards $485,000 for Eight Programs

Gail Arnold 345 Women Gather for Presentation and Reception Grant Recipients: 1st row: Director of Community of Schools and PEAC Initiatives at PEAC (Program for Effective Access to College) Patricia Madrigal; Domestic Violence Solutions Executive Director Charles Anderson; AHA! Executive Director Jennifer Freed, Casa Pacifica CEO Steven Elson; 2nd row: Youth and Family Services, YMCA Executive Director Valerie Kissell; Adams School Principal Amy Alzina (Accelerated Reader Program); St. Vincents CFO and COO Rosa Paredes; and Peoples' Self-Help Housing President and CEO John Fowler. Link to Article on m.independent.com: http://m.independent.com/news/2017/may/14/womens-fund-awards-485000-eight

Unmediated Lives and Content for Teens is the Real Lethal Trigger: Published in Huffingtonpost

The Netflix television series “13 Reasons Why” is all over the news right now. Critics are focusing on the potential harms of its graphic depiction of suicide. Will youth who are already vulnerable be pushed over the edge by this compelling series, or will it reveal how truly messy and painful suicide is, thus inspiring vulnerable youth to seek help instead of trying to end their lives? Link to Article on huffingtonpost.com: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/unmediated-lives-and-content-for-teens-is-the-real_us_5916195ce4b00ccaae9ea2a4 As a psychotherapist and educator who has worked with youth for decades, I see a vital point that is glaringly absent from this conversation; that teenagers

Dr. Freed was quoted in this article, "How to Raise Grateful Kids — Not Entitled Ones" on

We can break the 'me, me, me' epidemic among our kids Link to article on SheKnows.com, http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/1133620/how-to-raise-grateful-kids How do we raise kids who are grateful for everything they have instead of constantly wanting, asking for and expecting more? There's not a parent out there who won't want to know the answer. For that, we turned to family and child behavioral expert Dr. Jennifer Freed. More: 10 of Our Favorite Parenting Podcasts If you're feeling as if we're in the center of a "me, me, me" epidemic, you're not alone. "In our rapid digital-driven culture of material consumption and self-congratulation, people are primed to report on themselves cons

Dr. Freed was quoted in this article, "What Your Teenage Son Wants You to Know — but Won't

What exactly are teenage boys thinking? Link to article on SheKnows.com, http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/1133533/what-your-teenage-son-wants-you-to-know Do we dare delve into the mind of a teenage boy? Let's take a deep breath and find out — with the help of a few experts — what your teenage son really wants you to know. More: 4 Ways Fighting in Front of Your Kids Is Actually Good for Them "Don't leave me alone even though I act like you don't matter" You have to be persistent with teenage boys. If you want to spend time with them, it will take effort. "Go with their interests; follow their lead," suggested child and family behavioral specialist Jennifer Freed, Ph.D. "If they love

How to Bond With Your Boss: Dr. Jennifer Freed was quoted in this article on NBC News

Link to article on NBC News, http://www.nbcnews.com/better/careers/how-bond-your-boss-n753296 Your relationship with your boss is an important influencer of how happy you are at work. There are a few golden rules of being an all-star employee: Always be polite to your manager, stay on top of your assignments and make yourself an indispensable member of the team. Bonding with your boss isn't something most of us consider imperative to excelling at the office. But having a good relationship with your supervisor has the ability to positively impact the trajectory of your career. A study published in Ergonomics found that a negative work environment leads to high employee turnover rates and res

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