Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Jennifer Freed, PhD Depth Psychology 2003

Dr. Jennifer Freed, PhD Depth Psychology 2003 Students often ask me “What are Depth Psychology Program graduates doing now?” This annual column in our specialization’s newsletter, Hearing Voices, introduces several alums a year, engaged in various forms of community and ecopsychological work. This year I am happy to introduce you to an alum who is in the national news: Jennifer Freed. Jennifer Freed graduated in 2003. Her dissertation, After Sex, explored why many young teenage girls have become sexual and sexualized. Her summer community fieldwork planted the early seeds for her nationally recognized AHA! program. AHA! describes itself as an “educational program promoting social emotional l

Dr. Freed quoted in, "My Fear Of Driving Is Deeply Rooted In Sexism, But Where Do I Go From Her

I am a terrible driver. Not in the sense that I’m reckless, driving 85 in a 55 with insatiable road rage. I actually drive like a grandma. I go 45 mph on the highway. I’m not a poor driver because I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m a poor driver because every time I step behind the wheel I’m riddled with anxiety and an overarching feeling of dread. I always think we are going to die. Source: Bits and Splits/Fotolia Link to article on Merging is my worst nightmare. I will avoid merging at all costs. This makes getting on aforementioned highways rather difficult. I’ve even upsold

Why Certain Friendships Can Make Us Jealous

Jealousy is typically considered a negative emotion, but psychological astrologer/frequent goop contributor Jennifer Freed, Ph.D. counters that it can be a compelling motivator for self-growth, and reinforce the connections that matter most to you. Here, she explores the deeper meaning of jealousy within platonic friendships, offering a new path to explore when you feel like a friend is being pulled away from you. (For more unexpected perspective on relationship drama, see Freed’s goop piece on what crushes can tell us about ourselves, and why there’s no harm in harboring one even if you’re in a relationship.) Friendship Jealousy “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not bo

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