The Burden of Being Sensitive

A talent for being extra tuned-in to the feelings of others is a double-edged sword, and one of its drawbacks is what psychotherapist and educator Jennifer Freed, Ph.D. calls the empath’s dilemma: when carrying around the weight of someone else’s emotions, or energy, gets to be too much. Here, Freed shares personal stories from empath friends (people who feel the emotions of others especially deeply), along with ways all of us—even the less-empathic among us—can recharge in a world that, she notes, too often saps our energy and emotional resources. (You can read much more from Freed on goop here.) Link to article on GOOP:

We asked 1,843 teens what they lie to their parents about…here’s what they said. Published in Josh S

Most parents wish they could get inside the mind of their teenager. As someone who has worked with thousands of teens and parents for over a decade, I have a direct line of communication that allows me to ask some candid questions. With so much in the news recently about the issues teens have been grappling with — from suicide to cyber bullying. Link to article on Josh Shipp: I wanted to know what teens are actually thinking about these topics. So I asked our online community of 13-18 year olds and 1,843 of them responded. Because this survey was anonymous, there’s no way to account for the demographics of the survey participants beyond their age range. Beca

Safe, Seen, and Celebrated With AHA! Peace Builders: Putting Youth in Charge of Change: Published in

An incredible youth-led movement is happening in Santa Barbara, California, under the mentorship of the non-profit organization AHA! (Attitude. Harmony. Achievement). Years ago, restorative approaches to discipline pioneer Beverly Title suggested that if schools really wanted to see a demonstrable and effective shift in campus culture, they should put youth in charge of the change. AHA! ran ith her message by beginning to train a cohort of demographically representative youth from area high schools as cultural ambassadors, charged with welcoming, protecting, and promoting the well-being of all students. Link to article on

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