The Four Keys to Mindful Parenting: Published in Goop

We know we’re supposed to feel excited about the kids in our lives starting a new school year—and we are—but there’s also a specific kind of stress that seems to set in right about now. We’ve yet to find a school supply that can cure it (we’re still looking), but a mental reset from psychotherapist Jennifer Freed really helps. Freed is the executive director of AHA!, an educational program that’s designed to build peace in schools and communities. Perhaps not surprisingly, it all starts at home. And according to Freed, there are only four conditions you need to create a positive mental and emotional home environment that can hold up for the whole school year and through every parenting chall

How to Prepare for the Summer Solstice: Published in Goop

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and shortest night, signifying the psychological apex of extroverted attention and the beginning of growing introspection. Given the year of extremes many of us have had, this is an ideal time to marry our inner desires with our outer actions. This is a moment for blending the best of yin energies (tender, sensitive) with our highest expression of yang energies (bold and daring). Link to article in The Summer Solstice and Your Sun Sign The summer solstice has been a sacred sun celebration for thousands of years. It’s served as an incentive for cohesive c

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