New for goop: How to Navigate Conflict

Art courtesy of Joe Webb for What is the patriarchal two-step? How to we switch to a new way of navigating conflict, particularly in the context of 2020's astrology? My latest article for goop explores these questions, and you can read it here.

New goopfellas Podcast Interview

In this episode of the goopfellas podcast, I join Dr. Will Cole (who just had a session with me) and Seamus Mullen (the skeptic) to explain how I combine tenets of astrology and psychology to help people become their best selves. We talk about what we can learn from our birth charts and sun signs and how we can be more skillful at developing deep relationships. Listen to the episode here and let me know what you think!

How To Teach Kids Gratitude, Not Entitlement

“Entitled people are rarely happy people because they are always expecting to have more, be more and bask in endless praise,” Freed added. “Grateful people, by contrast, are humble and are rewarded intrinsically from a sense of well-being and purpose.” Time to stop giving in to our kids, then? Absolutely. “Giving in to the daily dictates of our children is not nurturing them; it is fostering a future of lonely emotional despotism,” warned Freed. Freed suggests trying the following to improve our chances of bringing up grateful, caring, respectful human beings, not entitled, spoiled brats. Read the full article, new on yahoo lifestyle, here.

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