Join me in The Wisdom Club: a special opportunity to study with me from anywhere in the world, learn about your cosmic DNA, and become your best self in 2020.  

an invitation from

Dr. Jennifer Freed, Ph.D.,

bestselling author and psychological astrologer


Here's what you'll get as a member of The Wisdom Club,

depending which tier you choose...

- Live video webinars every month

- Weekly SoulEdu lessons via email

*these were previously free - Wisdom Club subscription is now required*

- A free Cycles Report to assess your cosmic possibilities for 2021

- Private monthly coaching

- All of my e-books and a signed copy of Use Your Planets Wisely

- The chance to schedule astrology readings when my books reopen

“Jennifer's version of astrology, grounded in psychology, has the ability to force needed change in a profound way.

- Elise Loehnen, COO, goop

“Jennifer Freed is a clear vessel for understanding ourselves and others with profound compassion. Learning from her to how to interpret the planets and the signs was life-changing.”


- actress Marcia Cross

“Jennifer Freed’s enormously intuitive, revelatory, and deeply helpful. She has honed her craft to a high art form and it is both a pathway and a liberation.”

- Eve Ensler, author of The

Vagina Monologues

I created The Wisdom Club in order to interact directly with you. I wanted to share my ideas -- and 30+ years of expertise -- that I typically only share only in podcast interviews and closed events, but now with a community of learners and seekers from around the globe. 


To get started in The Wisdom Club, please choose a tier...

Venus Level


- One live video webinar every month, answering your psychological and astrological q's

- One free copy of each of my e-books: Character, Compassion, Creative Expression, SoulEdu 2019, and SoulEdu 2020 

- Access to all of my upcoming SoulEdu courses

- One free Cycles Report prepared for you at the end of the year, to assess your cosmic possibilities for next year

Jupiter Level


- Six one-on-one coaching sessions

- One live group video call every month for a collective healing and q&a

- Tuition and lodging (value: $6,000) for a luxury retreat at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in April 2021 with special guest teachers

- Priority list for appointment scheduling

- One free copy of each of my e-books 

- Access to all of my upcoming SoulEdu courses

- One free Cycles Report prepared for you at the end of the year, to assess your cosmic possibilities for next year

“I first heard of Dr. Freed when I heard her on a podcast. She immediately caught my attention and I rushed to book a reading with her, which was nothing short of incredible. Her insights helped me understand, clarify and shift a great deal of misleading beliefs. She not only brings her experience as a psycho astrologer but is very attuned to the person she’s reading for. She has a depth and understanding and wisdom that is invaluable. I was left very empowered and inspired. I highly recommend a you get a reading and follow her work. I’m a big fan.”


- Ahd Kamel, actress and filmmaker



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