PeaceQ is a practical guide to developing peace inside yourself, peace with others, and to facilitate peace in your community.

Whereas IQ measures certain aspects of brain intelligence, and EQ measures certain aspects of emotional intelligence, PeaceQ(PQ) is our capacity to be peaceful in all aspect of our lives.

This capacity can be built over time and this book gives concrete examples how to actually become more grateful, become more able to resolve conflicts, become more connected to others, and indeed become more peaceful inside and out.

The book also includes a link to the PeaceQ website which will help readers take inventory on how they are growing and expanding these capacities. "Heart to heart" was a dear but amorphous expression till I read Jennifer Freed's PeaceQ. The book will reach you where you feel, love, and live."

- Norman Lear 

"Thank you for a book I want everyone to read....such beautiful and important everyday reminders in such an easy to take-in-daily form."

- Jennifer Buffett, Novo Foundation