Dr. Jennifer Freed: The Cosmic Connection To Wellness‬  | The Art of Being Well with Dr. Will Cole

On this week’s episode I sit down with Dr. Jennifer Freed, a psychotherapist, mediator, and author with over 25 years’ experience in the fields of psychological astrology and social-emotional learning. We discuss Dr. Freed’s work to help you expand your self-knowledge, drastically improve your relationships, and enjoy greater happiness and fulfillment. Get ready to change your life for the better with the unparalleled wisdom of Dr. Jennifer Freed and her desire to encourage needed change in an infinitely profound and positive way. 


Podcast: Jennifer Freed Ph.‪D.‬  | Goodbye Crop Top

Renowned psychological astrologer and best-selling author Jennifer Freed drops by to chat, encouraging us to continuously learn, improve, and self-actualize. Personal growth doesn't stop at ANY age!


Meet Dr. Jen Freed: Psychological Astrologer and Educator | ShoutoutLA

"My story is 40 years of exploring every nuance of personal and spiritual growth and a journey of incredible romantic idealism. My wealth is my creative flow and my sacred circle of beloveds."


What Is Your Support Language? | goop

We all need support more than ever, yet it isn’t always clear to us or to others what true support looks or feels like. We can learn about our love languages and the love languages of others through self-help books and articles, but this doesn’t quite cover the depth and breadth of the ways we can truly support one another as friends, family, work colleagues, or lovers.


Nicewaner: Are our lives written in the stars? | The Standard

Freed does not wish to abandon free will in her approach. Instead, she focuses on “relational astrology,” a practice that combines individuals’ “cosmic DNA and biographical influences” to help them unlock the potential of their “psyche and soul.”


The Burden of Being Sensitive | goop

A talent for being extra tuned in to the feelings of others is a double-edged sword, and one of its drawbacks is what psychotherapist and educator Jennifer Freed, Ph.D., calls the empath’s dilemma: when carrying around the weight of someone else’s emotions, or energy, gets to be too much.


Break Up With Cheating | Sex With Emily

We all know someone who’s cheated or we’ve cheated ourselves but why do we do it? Is it really about sex or are there other things at play? Therapist and psychological astrologer, Dr. Jennifer Freed, and I discuss the ways we experience betrayal and how to move past it. 

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The Biggest Misconception of Each Zodiac Sign | Well + Good

"I’m an Aquarius, and the biggest misconception people have about my sign is that we’re water signs. No, I’m an air sign. The other misconception is that we’re quirky, odd, and eccentric, which may be true; however, we’re also fixed signs, and I have more stability than anyone I know."

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5 Tips to Navigate Your Saturn Return During Quarantine | Well + Good

“With Saturn in Aquarius, you’ll be asked to be the leader of this generation, to formulate new concepts of what it means to be part of humanity, and to be allies and friends to one another without discrimination and separation..."

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10 Healthy Daily Habits to Retain Even While Social Distancing | Well + Good

“The worst things for us all would be to just collapse into sick-like behavior, like staying on the couch, wearing our pajamas all day, eating out of cans,” says psychotherapist and astrologer Jennifer Freed, PhD. “Do everything you would do if you’re about to meet the most important romantic date of your life.”


Fornication Forecast | Sex With Emily

On today’s show, Dr. Emily is joined by psychological astrologer Dr. Jennifer Freed to give you your fornication forecast! Plus, she’s answering your sex & relationship questions.

Determining Your Life’s Purpose | The goop Podcast

In this episode, Freed joins friend Elise Loehnen to explain how we can use astrology to explore our own divine possibilities and potential. Freed reminds us that we are all a work in progress—moving away from primitive behaviors and toward our evolving selves is not a linear path.


Jennifer Freed: What Psychological Astrology Can Teach Us about Ourselves | goopfellas

“If I’m not well related to myself, I’m not well related to you,” says Jennifer Freed, psychological astrologer and author of Use Your Planets Wisely. Freed joins Will Cole (who just had a session with her) and Seamus Mullen (the skeptic) to explain how she combines tenets of astrology and psychology to help people become their best selves. 


Birth Chart Breakdowns & Sexual Journeys With Dr. Jen Freed | Sex With Emily

On today’s show, Emily is joined by psychological astrologer Dr. Jen Freed to read the birth charts of our callers in order to help guide them on their sex & relationship journey – & this is only part one, so be on the lookout for part two! 


How to Be a Better Lover, 
according to Venus and Mars | goop

Add to death and taxes the eventuality that relationships will lose their spark. It’s natural to feel resentful when your needs aren’t being met. Getting out of a rut often requires an uncomfortable amount of vulnerability—and maybe we’d rather not go there. 


A Philanthropist Drills Down to Discover Why Programs Work | The New York Times

Similarly, Jennifer Freed, executive director of AHA in Santa Barbara, Calif., was proud of the success the organization had in helping local teenagers, with programs reaching nearly 3,000 people a year. The group’s name stands for Attitude, Harmony, Achievement.


What Astrology Can Teach Us 
about Self-Acceptance | goop

It’s a testament to the power of astrology that even the biggest cynics probably know their sign. But it’s not until you go a little deeper into the stars and their power that things really start to get interesting. We are much more than our sign (in astrological parlance, that’s known as our sun sign).


Rekindling Your Subtle Sexual Field‬  | goop

Making room for sexuality in our daily life is the key to pleasure both in and out of bed, says psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed. “To become lovers where sex does not begin and end in the bedroom, we need to have an erotic practice and language that grows more deeply and passionately over time,” says Freed. She calls this our subtle sexual field—the foundation for a sex life that has longevity and variety. Freed explains how to increase our subtle sexual field, and of course, she gives us the astrological perspective, too.


Are They Compatible? Astrology and Religion | Maria Shriver's The Sunday Paper

Through many years of consulting with clients who are highly religious, I have often been asked to speak to the compatibility of astrology and religion. Although some fiercely religious folks reject the practice of astrology as heretical, I have observed an incredible ideological friendship between organized religions and the ordered universe of astrology.


Why is Everyone So Obsessed with Astrology Right Now? | Refinery29

“When we’re in chaos and stress, we’re more psychologically fragmented,” Dr. Freed says. “We don’t feel as centered and as calm, and when we’re feeling fragmented and more insecure, our mirroring needs are more hungry. You want something to affirm and reassure you that you are whole and that you’re secure and that you’re seen.”


Healthy Boundaries and Optimal Wellbeing | Maria Shriver's The Sunday Paper

During the next month there will be much aggravation between the planet Mars and the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. This intense energy will power us towards innovation, change, building new structures, and rejecting particular belief systems. Alongside ongoing stress and divisiveness, we can choose to reframe both the lockdown and our boiling grievances as opportunities for soul-searching. 


On 2021 Resolutions | Maria Shriver

For most of us, the beginning of a new year brings us to reflect on the past. From that reflection often comes a desire to set a new path—or, at least, to create an improved version of the old path that is more aligned with our true values, or that centers more around habits that make our own and others’ lives better.


A Better Way to Break-Up: 20 Ways to Leave Your Lover | goop

The dissolution of any romantic relationship is invariably painful: At its worst, it is devastating and harmful and leaves a lot of emotional collateral damage in its wake; at its best, it’s done with tenderness and care, and both parties put aside a desire to just be done with it in favor of taking the time to separate with patience and love.


What Your Astrological Sign Says About Your Character | goop

If you’re feeling destabilized right now, psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed has some wise advice for us. In times of conflict and crisis, Freed sees this as an opportunity to double down on our core values.


Astrology & the Fault with Our Stars | Alt.pop.Repeat

Jennifer speaks to how Astrology plays a role in people’s lives, what a Psychological Astrologer is and how to identify a good Astrologer within your community, along with speaking to the controversial topic if Astrology is considered a science or an art.

Astrology-LEAD-vogue-30mar20-MARCUS SCHÄ

Should Astrology Be Part Of Your Wellness Survival Kit? | Vogue

Whether you’re new to Aliza Kelly’s Stars Like Us podcast, or you’re a secret Co-Star horoscope addict — here’s everything you need to know when seeking escapism on a cosmic scale.

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The Best Self-Soothing Technique for Each Zodiac Sign | Well + Good

The world is experiencing a pandemic, local establishments are closing left and right, nobody can find hand sanitizer or milk, and you are constantly dehydrated. The last one actually just might be me, but you get it: Real Life is cancelled for the moment. 

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Why You Should Get Your Whole Astrological Birth Chart Read | People Magazine

Using astrology and psychology to create a “cosmic blueprint” with Dr. Jennifer Freed (whose celeb following is strong enough that Goop keeps her on as a contributor).

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What is Psychological Astrology? 5 Ways You Can Use It In Your Everyday Life | mbg mindfulness

In this episode, Freed joins friend Elise Loehnen to explain how we can use astrology to explore our own divine possibilities and potential. Freed reminds us that we are all a work in progress—moving away from primitive behaviors and toward our evolving selves is not a linear path.


How to Teach Kids Gratitude — Not Entitlement | sheknows

As parents, we want to raise kids who are grateful for everything they have — rather than constantly whining for more. But how do we pull this off, especially in today’s culture of materialism? We asked family and child behavioral expert Dr. Jennifer Freed for her take.


Why We Overcommit | goop

Not smart enough. Not strong enough. Not assertive enough. These are just a few of the things we start telling ourselves when we’re overcommitting, burned out and not getting what we want out of life. But the problem isn’t that we’re lazy (even though that’s what our minds like to tell us). It’s the opposite, says psychotherapist and psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed.


Here's What It Means If You Can't Stop Dreaming About Your Ex | Bustle

“When we fall in love with anyone, we project onto them qualities and traits we admire or detest, and essentially use them to hold pieces of our own psyche and to learn more about the missing or incomplete parts of ourselves,” Dr. Jennifer Freed, a family behavioral specialist, tells Bustle.


Are Some People Just Hardwired To Move On Faster? | Bustle

“People are hardwired to respond to loss differently. Some people crumble and others become stoic, and some people know how to grieve intensely, let go and move on,” Dr. Jennifer Freed, PhD tells Bustle.

How to Redirect Anxiety | goop

It’s easy to get anxious about the things we can’t control. For that matter, it’s easy to get anxious about the things we can control, too. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. A logical, if not necessarily easy, solution is to focus on what you can change. To get there, start with your thoughts, advise psychotherapist Jennifer Freed and mindfulness teacher Deborah Eden Tull.


Cosmic DNA And Divine Guidance | Fit For Joy

By understanding your cosmic DNA, nine core strengths, and cosmic committee, you’ll come to trust that there is a divine orchestration that guides you, that you have a purpose in the world, and that both your light and your shadows are welcome participants in your psychological and relational lives.

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Should Astrology Be Part of Your Wellness Survival Kit? | Vogue

“Astrology has no good, bad, right or wrong. Just the possibility for personal growth and evolving. And everyone is welcome, no one is put in a hierarchy.”


Astrological Insights on Love and Marriage | goop

Astrologically speaking, romance has never been linked to creating a family, or with sustaining intimate one-to-one contracts. Romance has a sector all its own; marriage and family have their own “houses”—so these areas of experience are not astrologically related. We can learn much from these distinctions, which are based on thousands of years of astrological observation and interpretation.

Jennifer Freed PhD-Marni on the Move Log

Connecting to your Cosmic DNA for Personal Development | Marni on the Move

On today’s episode, Dr. Freed offers an inside look at her book, Use Your Planets Wisely, and how to use it for inner work, positive and productive self-exploration through the many exercises within. She shares her unique approach to astrology which combines astrology, psychology, and social emotional learning and how you can understand your Cosmic DNA


Holy Planetary Conjunction! | Maria Shriver

Are you ready to shift gears in a profound way? Are you prepared for an entirely different energy than 2020? Get ready: on Dec 21st, the big players Saturn and Jupiter will be closer together than they have been in hundreds of years.


A Case for Not Always Being  Busy | goop

Why do we find it rewarding when we’re busy or overworked but feel guilty for resting and taking time for ourselves? Being uncomfortable with stillness is common, says psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed...


Master Your Cosmic Potential | courageously.u

What psychological astrology is, the archetypes of astrology, what a birth chart is, how the planets give us insight into our potential and purpose, what a session looks like with Dr. Jennifer Freed...

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Your Saturn Signs Highlights Your Greatest Challenge—Here’s How to Overcome It | Well + Good

“Saturn is about maturity, responsibility, discipline, and stewardship,” says Jennifer Freed, PhD, psychological astrologer and author of Use Your Planets Wisely. “Look at each sign and what it means to be mature using its archetypal energy.”


Unmasking Uncertainty With Dr. Jennifer Freed | Jenni Kayne

Astrology is a beautiful map of timing and meaning that allows us to peek into the divine orchestration of spiritual and psychological evolution. When we realize that each of us has a great part to play in the great unfolding of things, we can rest more deeply in a faith inspired by a sense of purpose and a fully alive universe.

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How to Interpret the Astrological Signs When You Are TTC | Get Pregnant Naturally

Dr. Freed joins us today as we're digging into astrology, psychology and what this means for fertility journey.

webinar 5.5.jpg

How to ‘Use Your Planets Wisely’. | SB Independent

“My purpose in life is to motivate people to live more in community, and to celebrate each other’s differences and help each other,” she said. “I’m a true believer that, if everyone is given all the tools and resources they need, their divine light can shine through. This book is the type of book to do that.” 


Navigating Conflict and the 
Patriarchal Two-Step | goop

Facing interpersonal conflict instead of shutting down, listening instead of defending ourselves when someone tells us we’ve wronged them: This is the hard work that none of us are exempt from. When we fail to take responsibility for our actions—and sometimes we do fail—we prevent change and get stuck, says psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed.


An Astrological Road Map to Sex | goop

There’s no guidebook for how to have good sex. There’s also no single definition of bad sex. That’s because we don’t all desire the same thing—and that’s cool. Sex is a constant, deep exploration into our innermost selves, says psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed.


What's Your (Sex) Sign? with Dr. Jennifer Freed | Sex With Emily

On today’s show, Emily is joined by internationally certified astrologer & psychotherapist Dr. Jennifer Freed to talk about her Sexual Wisdom course, as well as better ways to discuss relationships & sex with people of all ages. 


What Is A Psychological Astrologer | Refinery 29

Most people want to be understood by others. For that to happen, we often have to understand ourselves first. In order to “figure ourselves out,” some of us turn to psychologists. Others go to astrologers. Then there are those who turn to psychological astrologers — a real-life hybrid of the two.


Why We Fantasize About Others When We’re Attached | Bustle

“In our imagination we are liberated from responsibility and constraint and we have an outlet for the many parts of ourselves that cannot be safely expressed in real life. As long as you feel closely connected and inspired in your primary relationship, fantasies are a functional part of a long-term relationship.”