"I first met Jennifer two years ago when I was at a bit of a crossroads in my own life—I have a lot of access to special people with special abilities at goop, but Jennifer cut through. My session with her, which I transcribed and documented, was transformative. She explained what was available to me—in a deeply personal and resonant way—and then coached me on how to step into my destiny. I see and speak to her regularly, and she’s become a close friend. It has been thrilling to see how she has touched and transformed the lives of goop readers in the same way over the past two years—her version of astrology, grounded in psychology, has the ability to force needed change in a profound way."

- Elise Loehnen, CCO of goop

"Thankfully, my mood is not the only thing about to improve—so is the rest of my life, apparently. If the past year or so has been particularly challenging, it’s not my fault—it’s Saturn’s. I’m sitting in a small matcha-green room and psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed is reading my planetary chart. She is frighteningly accurate in her analysis of my 'struggles' and cross-pollinates psychology with astrology, considering influences at once familial and cosmic in her approach. I’ve spent enough time on the couch to say that an hour with Freed feels like six months of conventional talk therapy condensed into a sort of chlorophyll wellness shot for my psyche. I want to believe everything she says because it’s good news: Jupiter is ushering in brighter days for 2019. (Byeeee, Saturn.)"


- Olivia Stren, Elle Magazine

“Jennifer is an extremely inspired and insightful guide who helps us understand our greatest strengths and the places where we need more development and support.”


- Peter & Jennifer Buffett, Executive Directors, NoVo Foundation 

“Jennifer Freed is a clear vessel for understanding ourselves and others with profound compassion. Learning from her to how to appreciate myself and my loved ones was transformational.”


- Marcia Cross, award-winning actress



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