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You don’t have to be good, disciplined, or even brilliant to be creative

You just need to play

Our imagination is limitless

There is no gate, no fence, no wall, and no one who can limit what we imagine

Consider for one moment that what other people think of you is none of your business Be like a child and play with colors because it is fun Sing out loud because it feels good Talk to an imaginary lion because it makes you giggle Dance like a dweeb because your body likes to wiggle

Creativity is a gateway drug to happiness

A young friend of mine named emilina said ” when you are in a dark place-just create!”

To joyfully create requires no consideration for the endgame It is the sheer process of being imaginatively intimate with the world And using your all your senses to express what you experience

Creativity is the ultimate act of gratitude It is a testament to true human freedom CLICK HERE FOR CREATIVITY SUMMIT FEATURING ME AND 10 OTHER EXPERTS ON CREATIVITY

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