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Consider The Possible: Adolescent Self-Management AHA! – Attitude Harmony & Achievement

Dr. Freed’s Adolescent Programs Grow Productive Lifetimes

Harmony And Self-Management Overview – She’s Worked Since 19 Years Old

Listen up! We all can learn a great deal about creating adolescent balance and harmony from this dedicated, engaging, experienced and delightfully compassionate mentor and therapist.

Dr. Jennifer Freed

Jennifer Freed, PhD is a psychotherapist, mediator, mentor and author with over 30 years’ experience working with youth in the context of deep roots in the Santa Barbara, California area. She began her contributions at age 19, running a peer counselor training program at Dos Pueblos High School; shortly after that, she worked for YouthWorks – connecting students for mission trips and community service activities.

Her Turning Point

In 1999, just after the Columbine massacre, Dr. Freed started AHA! with Rendy Freedman, MFT (who became co-Executive Director), now serving over 3000 families in California. First, AHA! was a summer program mostly staffed by artists and social-emotional learning experts who volunteered to work with the youth. AHA! was soon invited to work with students at La Cuesta Continuation High School, then to Carpinteria and Santa Barbara High Schools.

The after-school program was then added to AHA!’s offerings. AHA!’s Peace Builders, AHA!’s newest program, was introduced in 2013.

Dr. Freed’s books include The Ultimate Personality Guide, Lessons from Stanley the Cat, and a series of Be Your Best Self workbooks used as specific guidelines in AHA! programs. She also authored the three-volume AHA! Method Book. In the works are PeaceQ, a book about peace-building; a book on women’s sexual wisdom; and another book about celebrating and transforming negative thoughts (Bad Thought Gremlins).

She has been writing poetry her whole adult life, and created two radio programs: Freed Up! – an Air America talk show that had thousands of listeners, and Signs of Change – aired on an AM station based in Arizona.

Measurable Attitude Results – Harmony Works

“We now have conclusive results for all our programs that they move the dial for our youth regarding social and emotional learning, intervening with bullying, and feeling more joy in their lives.”

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