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New interview for The Kit

Illustration by Poonam Chauhan for The Kit

[Illustration by Poonam Chauhan for The Kit]

I loved chatting with Olivia Stren for The Kit about the rise of astrology and why it's such a helpful tool for 2020. Below is a small excerpt, and you can read the full piece here.

Astrology’s rise has also been aided by social media, which creates a sense of loneliness and community at once—the disease and the anodyne. “When we feel disconnected, we naturally want to find something that helps us feel re-membered. People are desperate to find a mythology, an ideology, where they feel re-animated and re-enchanted,” says Jennifer Freed, Goop’s unofficial astrologer laureate. “Like religion, astrology at its best gives people a sense of belonging, a greater purpose.” Appealingly, it also explains us to ourselves. “Everybody likes to have a sense of being known,” says Freed. “We all want to feel safe, seen and celebrated.”

Over the phone from her home in Santa Barbara, Freed confides that she has just read Gwyneth Paltrow’s chart. Following in the footsteps of Carl Jung, the first major psychological figure to publicly endorse astrology, Freed is both an astrologer and a psychotherapist, combining the two disciplines to sketch a richer portrait of an individual. In other words, in a session with Freed, you’re as likely to talk about your mother as you are about Mercury. If therapy tends to elicit questions, astrology provides answers; psychological astrology, satisfyingly, does both.

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