I created #SoulEdu for curious and willing students of life who are seeking more joy, connection, and meaning in the everyday. The free online class is taught twice a week via email lessons and exercises, which share social-emotional learning strategies to improve relationships and routines. 


#SoulEdu is offered in sessions, each one based on a particular theme. Past themes have included Relationships, Freedom, Accountability, and Magic.

You can preview one sample #SoulEdu lesson to the right, or

register for free at bit.ly/souledu to receive a printable workbook full of #SoulEdu exercises.

What people say about #SoulEdu...

"Very uplifting and motivating"

"Simple and brief but powerful and accessible!"


"I liked everything about this course. Each lesson was an easy read and relatable to my life!"


"Makes me feel great calm secure knowing. It’s short reads yet poetic insightful right on target"


"I found the course to be invigorating and timing. They were also timely. I shared them with my team during our offsite. So good..."


"Jennifer, your lessons are beautifully presented. I love the quotes. And your word choices are in the lessons are wonderful. I also love the visual images, as well as the practices."


"I truly did enjoy the daily reminders to be aware. I'm a teacher, so I use a lot of words instructing my students, and the reminder to choose my words wisely - and perhaps choose the words I want to emphasize through the day ahead of time - was something I liked thinking about."

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