When you are humming at your top vibration, you feel blissfully connected to everyone and everything. Your whole being embraces the truth: that you, and all of creation, are made of stardust and you are here to make a difference with your unique composition. 

But so often, this state of bliss can seem unreachable, as this delicate hum gets drowned out and tamped down by the constant noise of unfounded fear, competition, separation, distraction, and hunger for mirroring you never seem to get. There, you forget to realize your true nature.


Many astrological teachings tend to reinforce this distrust of our inner knowing and interconnectedness, reducing our lives to inflexible scripts, soul soundbites, or stereotypes. They take away our free will, imposing rigid, fixed ideas of who we are and what we might become. This superstitious literalism cuts us off from the unlimited possibilities of partnership with the Divine.


My practice, on the other hand, is one of relational astrology, which understands that we are interdependent and interconnected constellations, just like planets and stars in the galaxy. We all glimmer with unique combinations of gifts and challenges.  As an experienced psychotherapist I also recognize past influences and traumas and how they may impact our relational dynamics.


The combination of psychology and astrology allows me to see both your cosmic DNA and your biographical influences and how to assist you to break open the potentials of both your psyche and soul.  

Please note that Jennifer's schedule is now full and she is not accepting new appointments for readings at this time. Please be sure to subscribe to her mailing list to receive an announcement when her bookings re-open.



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